Your customer is a human being

Your customer is a human being.

He has a life, a past, a purpose, some values to attached. Even though you work in a mass consumption industry, you have to precise about the personas you are talking to.

Behind every purchase, there is a story and a need. What are the tools that you use to strengthen this unique partnership between you and your customer? Could you keep it simple? Knowing a service or product perfectly sometimes conducts us to speak in a particular and precise language. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean pretending your customer cannot understand; it is just the best way to create a genuine dialogue between you and him. Also, it’s an excellent way to be fair and to go straight to the point. What is your product? What does it do, and most important …. For whom?

Think outside of the box, yes, but also inside. Weird? Not that much. When some of us are super creative and fearless, others are ready to try something « a little bit » new, step after step. Do not forget to give time to your customer to try and adopt new habits.

Create a partnership with your customer. Please do not push your customer to the act of buying but find a way to retain them and nurtures them through experiences and quality content. Ask him to give feedback and share his advice and find a way to reward him for that. Retain your customer with good inbound marketing content: podcast, videos, articles, social media, and newsletter! The act of purchasing should be a mindful decision because your product is excellent and engaging, not a lobotomized action. That’s not a customer; that’s a human being.

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